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Michigan Spine & Brain Surgeons, PLLC

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Our highest priority in every decision made is what is best for our patient’s medical care. We are committed to provide exceptional and consistent medical care, to advance the practice of Neurosurgery and Orthopedic spine surgery through innovation in surgical technique, clinical outcome research, and resident education.

Our Vision

We are an integral part of the St. John Providence Health System, home to the nascent VanElslander Neuroscience Center of Excellence. We have matured into a regionally recognized center for neurosurgical and orthopedic spine procedures, especially for minimally invasive spine procedures. We are also the home to the most highly ranked osteopathic neurosurgical residency program in the nation. We are implementing a system-wide database to track spine and neurosurgical outcomes in order to better document and publish our practice paradigm. Our attention to cost and our ethical approach to vendor relations led our surgeons to become some of the highest quality and most cost-efficient surgeons in the Health System. Our vision is that through the above, we will provide high-quality, compassionate, and affordable health care to communities we serve; we will help to further the knowledge in the practice of neurosurgery and orthopedic spine surgery; we will educate the next generation of ethical and competent surgeons, and finally, we hope that our efforts will contribute to the transformation of healthcare in Michigan and the renaissance of Detroit.

Our Values

  • Excellence – We maintain the highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving our outcomes
  • Compassion – We demonstrate our commitment to world-class care by providing a caring and supportive environment for our patients, patients’ families and fellow caregivers
  • Integrity – We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency
  • Dignity – We treat each patient with respect, honoring their aspiration and value as an individual
  • Innovation – We welcome change, encourage invention and continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve our goals
  • Teamwork – We collaborate and share knowledge to benefit patients and fellow caregivers
  • Service – We strive to exceed our patients’ and/or fellow caregivers’ expectations